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UTM Solution for Defence Organisations

For defence organizations, Unifly’s UTM platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing military UAS operations safely and efficiently. With precise flight planning, deconfliction, enhanced situational awareness, and C-UAS integration, it ensures the security of critical infrastructure while optimizing resources and operational costs.

The Strategic Importance of UTM for Defence Organisations

Enhancing safety for Military UAS

For defence organisations, a UTM platform is pivotal in achieving safe and efficient operations for military UAS. By adopting UTM technology, defence entities gain access to precise flight planning, strategic and tactical deconfliction capabilities, and detailed traffic information. These critical services ensure the safe and efficient management of military UAS flights.

Counter-UAS capabilities
Utilising geofencing and threat detection capabilities, especially through integration with C-UAS, strengthens security around critical infrastructure and sensitive areas.
Cost Efficiency and Resource Optimisation
Leveraging UTM solutions and automated services to allocate resources more effectively, facilitating broader UAS usage while reducing operational expenses.
Increased Situational Awareness
Defence organisations benefit from improved situational awareness, with real-time tracking and monitoring of all drone activities, ensuring timely and informed decision-making.

Why Defence Organisations Should Choose Unifly

The Unifly platform offers deployment flexibility, compatible with both private (on-premises) and public clouds (e.g., Azure, AWS, Oracle).
Unifly’s platform is tailored for defence needs, offering advanced situational awareness tools and secure flight authorisations to manage military drone operations effectively.
Unifly’s platform enhances security by distinguishing between conforming and non-conforming drones, flagging those that don’t comply with regulations and sharing this data with C-UAS systems. This integration between C-UAS and UTM allows for the identification of both conforming and non-conforming drones, facilitating conformance monitoring and providing comprehensive situational awareness to bolster safety and security.
Unifly’s platform integrates real-time position information and Remote-ID data from various tracking sources (including its own BLIP) with data received from C-UAS systems, such as surveillance radars, for precise drone detection.
All operational data is stored securely in the cloud or on-premise, in the data center where the platform is deployed. This ensures data integrity and secure storage.

We adhere to crucial SWIM and UTM standards such as ASTERIX, ED-269, ED-318, and ASTM F3411-22A, guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

The platform has been successfully integrated with established surveillance systems, such as the ATM Phoenix tracker by DFS.

Key Products for Defence Organisations


Explore, Prepare, Plan, Validate, Fly, Resolve, and Report to ensure safe, secure and efficient drone flights.


Authenticate, Authorize, Monitor, Investigate, and Support provide supervisors with traffic management capabilities.


Wide-ranging integration options with drones, surveillance radar systems, and other platforms boost operational efficiency and safety.


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