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Operator App

Next to the BLIP tracking device, the BLIP Operator’s mobile app is available, which connects over Bluetooth to the tracking device attached to the drone.

Effortless tracking monitoring

Unifly’s BLIP tracking device comes together with the Unifly Operator app available on Apple’s App Store. The Unifly Operator app connects over a Bluetooth connection to the BLIP tracking device attached to the drone.

When the drone is within the BLE range, the BLIP Operator’s mobile app allows the user to configure, control the flight status, read and monitor the remote identification parameters and show the flight path of the BLIP tracking device.

During the drone flight, the data fields transmitted and required by the ASTM F3411 standard and by EU legislation are visible in the app. This information is also sent to the Unifly UTM platform or if required to third-party software. The drone’s flight path is displayed in real-time, in the Operator monitoring module.

BLIP operator app tracking map

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