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Unifly APIs

Unifly UTM platform supports two distinct types of APIs designed to facilitate comprehensive integration and communication capabilities for its users:

Operator API​

This API is designed for operator users and drone manufacturers to seamlessly integrate directly with the platform. Integration points can include connections with amongst others ground control stations, the drone itself, or the flight controller, offering a versatile range of operational functionalities.

Key features supported by the Operator API include:

Operational Information: Facilitates access to essential operational details.

Validation: Enables validation processes for flight plans and operational compliance.

Telemetry Information: Provides real-time data from drones for monitoring and control.

Traffic Information: Offers insights into the airspace traffic for safe navigation.

Emergency Status: Alerts operators to emergencies requiring immediate attention.

Nearby Alerts: Notify operators of relevant alerts in their vicinity.

Instructions: Allows for the reception of instructions from the platform.

Geofence Information: Delivers data on geofenced areas to ensure compliance with no-fly zones and restricted spaces.

Platform API

The Platform API serves as an interface with other platforms, enabling the sharing of critical information across all operators. This API enhances the collaborative and informational aspects of airspace management by including features such as:

Tracking Information: Shares information about unmanned and/or manned aircraft.

Flight Authorizations: Facilitates the exchange of authorization statuses and details.

Weather Information: Provides updates on weather conditions affecting flight operations.

Additionally, it plays a pivotal role in sharing information among other UAS Service Suppliers (USSPs) and the Common Information Service Provider (CISP).

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